This is my new Dream Journal site. Here is the first entry…

My dream last night was really short. The picture was really fuzzy but I kept seeing a recurring word in my dream…it was meme. That was it. lol.

Today I looked up the word and found out it meant this….
A meme is a contagious concept (like a virus) that spreads quickly causing people to change their behavior

Well, I think there is a very strong connection with this because yesterday I bought a Halloween costume…and it’s a hippie!!! And of course, this article I found has the following passage:
The hippie meme is so strong and deep that it is likely to continue manifesting its power for decades if not centuries.

I found that really odd. How did I automatically dream about a word whose meaning I didn’t even know???? And how did it automatically fit in with what I was thinking about the day before??? I think this is really weird….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow thats really cool i dont think i’ve ever had a dream like that!


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