Last night was a rather dull dream. It was just me and my mom watching old 80s movies.. Then, I flipped the channel to find that my favorite 80s movie, The Legend of Billie Jean, was on tv. I was excited. lol. Maybe this dream will come true…..because I’ve been waiting for it to come back on tv…lol

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sure of course you can! i dont think i’ve ever had a Dream come true…. But my sister has…. you should read hers its yecats_Dreams its the really LONG one. I’ve had dejaVu before and i dont know if it really happened to me or i dreamed it…. so thats the closest i think i’ve had to a dream comming true!


  2. MyParallel says:

    I don’t mind at all if you add me to your list. You have some good insite to your dreams. I have had dreams to come true. It’s really freaky when it does happen, but sometimes it takes me a while to connect the dream to reality.


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