Last night’s dream was quite odd….

I went into the library and checked out a book on crafts. I don’t remember why, but I checked out the book. And as I went up to the counter, I was thinking “Wait a minute, why am I doing this? I work at the library and I’m letting someone else check out a book for me??”. I was sort of aware I was dreaming, yet not…I can’t explain it….


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  1. songi_dolce says:

    Interesting dreams. I like your site as well, the background is nice.


  2. MyParallel says:

    Very interesting dream. The library could represent mental stability. You see other people doing things that you can do yourself…that could mean that you want a little independence or self reliance. I like the site…I think I’m going to subscribe to yours as well.


  3. I agree with MyParallel.  I think you are aware of the fact that you can do things on your own and you are of creative mind.  Note the craft book you were checking out. That kind of book explains on how to make something or do something yet you have the run to do whatever you like.  Interesting…


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