My dreams the past few days have been so blurry…I can’t remember them and it’s making me quite upset. I am gonna go get a notebook today so I can put it right by my bed and write about my dreams the second I wake up. Maybe that will help me remember better….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i figured out that when i have lack of sleep or i turn my sleep schdule around i dont remember my dreams, maybe that could be a problem


  2. You know, i tryed keeping a notebook by my bed to help me remember but it only made it harder for me to fall back to sleep (if there was still night left). My suggestion is that if the notebook thing keeps you up or just becomes a big hastle (which it did for me) then just lay in your bed and focus on the dreams that you have just had try to remember every little detail and then when you get up for good it shouldn’t be too hard to remember and write down in detail. Who knows this is what works best for me, everybody is differnt.


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