Ok, I had two dreams. One was just plain weird. The other was um, well…I’ll let you read….

1.) I dreamt that I was watching this movie. But it was so crazy because one minute, I’m sitting at home watching this movie, the next thing I know…I’m in the movie, but nobody (the actors) can’t see. I’m just there kinda experiencing it. Anyways, the “movie/experience” was about this mother and her son moving to this town. The woman starts dating this really nice guy. (I don’t remember any names from the dream.) And the woman makes friends with the neighbors and everything. She gets a dog for her son. Everything is wonderful.

Then, after a few months, things start happening. The woman’s dog turns up missing. Nobody really thinks anything about it. They just think he ran away. But then, other things happen. I remember this one part of the dream where these two kids befriend the woman’s son. They go bike riding to his house and they are like “Let’s go bike riding” and he’s like “sure”. And they go bike riding, but they take this trail through the woods. And the boys beat him up! They totally bruise him from head to toe! He limps home, crying. Then, my dream cut to this other scene where the woman’s BEST FRIEND turns up missing. The police search the town for weeks. No trace of her body is ever found.

Then, towards the end of the “movie”, the woman’s boyfriend says to the woman and kid “let’s go for a ride. It’s a pretty day.” They are both like “ok, we’ve had some rough weeks. We need some relaxing drive through town.” They start driving, and he takes them down a dark trail…it’s not even a street. It’s more like a dirt road. And she’s like “where are we going?” and he keeps saying “It’s a surprise.” And then, they get to this old shed in the woods. And he is like “wanna see something?” and she’s like “what?” and he’s like “it’s fascinating.” The woman instructs her kid to stay in the car. (In her mind, she knows something is going on.) And then, she carefully follows him into the woods…they open the shed and she screams because in the shed is the old rotting dog corpse and there is her friend with a rope around her neck! And the woman is in the doorway and she turns around to leave but to her surprise, the man and the other kids who beat up her son that other day are blocking her only exit. Then…they started at her….

<<my dream turned here to something else. lol>>

2.) I was making out with my boyfriend and I was like “Let’s have sex.” And he’s like “Ok, I was hoping for this.” And he pulled out some condoms. lol. It was cute. He was like “Which one do you wanna use first?” So, we had sex all night. lol. I think that dream was more relaxing than the first one. lol.

Then…I woke up! God. The first dream was quite odd. I must say…I’ve never had a dream quite like it. What do you guys think it means?

I bought a dream interpretation book the other day…here are some possible interpretations of the first dream because obviously….I was thinking bout sex before bed…that’s why I had the 2nd one. lol.

1.) Murder~foretells much sorrow arising from the misdeeds of others.
2.) Woods~brings a natural change in your affairs.
3.) Rope~signifies perplexities and complications in affairs
4.) Death~warns you of coming sorrow.

Help me!!! lol.


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