Two dreams to add…

(From Monday night)
I dreamt that my dad took us into this shop where they sold sporting goods and things like that, kinda like a small, quaint Sports Authority. Well, the guy that worked there…he was younger than me, probably around 17 or 18. He started talking to me. And I noticed how cute he was and everthing. We talked and walked around the whole store. It was fun. And he had the cutest smile. I remember his smile most of all. He kept smiling at me. We were playing around, pushing each other. It was like heaven. Then, my dad came up and said,”We’re leaving now.” I remember wanting to cry because I didn’t want to leave him. It was so sad! So, I pretended like I had to use the bathroom and I said,”You go ahead, I’ll be there in a minute.” My family went on out to the car and I stayed and chatted with the guy. I don’t remember his name. I remember asking for his name and number though. And I also got his AIM screen name. lol. We kept talking and lost track of time because next thing I knew, my dad was coming back in the store! I left and my dad was screaming at me. It was so weird. But the weirdest part of the whole dream was the fact that I can still see his face right now. His face was gorgeous! It was completely flawless, no zits. He was good looking, yet…so simple at the same time. Ya know? He had beautiful green eyes and sexy brown hair. He had an earring. He looked so handsome. I dunno why I remember his face so well…

(This is from last night)…
I was at work. It was so weird because the AV lady asked “Did you read Nicole’s diary?” Nicole is the page. And I said,”No…what do you mean?” And she said,”You were the last person on my computer and Nicole’s xanga is on my computer history.” That was so weird! I have used her computer before to look at Nicole’s xanga site! It was months ago though. But still…I think I’m having delayed dreams.


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