Last night’s dream was weird…

I dreamt we were moving. Finally! lol. We moved into a three bedroom house. I remember exactly how it looked. You go in and you can either go to the right or left The right side led into my living room, which led into my parents’ room. The left side led into the kitchen, which led into my sister’s room. My sister’s room led into this small little room, kinda like a living room. That led into another bedroom, my bedroom. It had light blue wallpaper with flowers. It had a phone attached to the wall! It was weird. Everytime I went out of the room, it would ring this creepy ring. It was so odd. And then, my room led into a hallway, which led back into my parents’ room. The house was kinda like a circle thingy. Weird huh? The house was located in the woods…kinda off in the middle of nowhere.

We were leaving the house and I was holding my dad’s tax papers and for some reason, I kept writing different figures on em. I don’t know why. And we came to the bank to deposit some money and I remember putting money in the bank. Then, I woke up. It was weird.


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