Two dreams I felt the need to post….

Monday Night:

I dreamt my family and I went to Rich’s for some sale. There was a corner of the store where they had “sale stuff” from when they went out of business. This was a “back in business” party. Weird huh? We bought coloring books and some stupid 80s health video. That was so odd.

Last Night:

So, last night…I had a weird dream. I was in a class. My ex boyfriend and his girlfriend were there. They just kept looking at me. (This was back in high school, btw.) I went to the bathroom. Every stall was unclean and nasty. I found the cleanest one. I saw that I had gotten my period. I used a ton of toilet paper. I came out and realized the bathroom was a bathroom for boys and girls cuz a guy was in there. I freaked out and left quickly. Then, I was scared my class had let out. I went walking down the hall…looking for the class. I couldn’t find it for some odd reason. I looked in each classroom…they all had the lights off and a bed. It was weird. Then, I remembered my class was watching a video. So, I found the class that had it’s tv on. Before I entered the class, I had to put on my bra. God only knows why it was off me. lol. Then, I went in the class and sat down.

Then, I woke up.

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I am just me. :)
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