A few weird dreams last night….

I dreamt that I was watching some movie where this girl and her new boyfriend were beaten up by her ex boyfriend. They beat em up with chains and stuff. It was awful!

I dreamt that I went to the mall because my sister needed to buy something. We went looking at dresses. After that, we went outside…after getting in the car I realized I had dropped a card…my debit card, I think. I got out and looked around the parking lot. I found it and noticed two dangerous looking white guys getting out of their car. I quickly got back into my mom’s car and we got the hell outta there! On the way home…we noticed the two guys on the highway and we noticed a lady crying in the backseat…so we knew they had kidnapped her! They had an out of state tag.

Some guy was hunting in my backyard. He was hunting a rabbit. I tried to protect the rabbit and ending up getting shot, but the bullets didn’t even hurt! Then, my mom picked me up and we went to Sibley Library and realized they had built a pond outside of it and we realized that the whole interior had been redone. It was really cool.

Then, I woke up.


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I am just me. :)
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