I’m driving my friend’s car. We stop off at my house and it’s really late and my family is still awake for some odd reason. We get back into the car and she’s driving this time. We stop at some parking lot so that I can drive. We switch seats. As I’m getting into the driver’s seat, I notice three guys standing outside the car. I get really freaked. They are wearing nice outfits though, so I assume they are not dangerous. They say they want a ride. One of them drives my friend’s car. The others get in back with my friend and I sit in the passenger seat. I ask him where he’s taking us and he says,”Osborne High School for a prom.” I find it quite funny a prom would be going on so late at night but I do not tell him so. He asks if I go to high school and I tell him I graduated c/o 2003. He asks what school and I say,”Campbell.” He says,”Oh wow…you are our rivals.” It was funny because he was being so nice. We arrive at the school and go inside..the prom is decorated in a lot of weird stuff. (Btw~who has a prom AT the school?? can we say LAME?) There is PINK everywhere. It’s quite odd. Then, the driver from our car tries to put his hands on my hips while he walk through the school. He then says,”I love you.” I am totally freaked out by this. I take his hands off my hips and say politely,”Sorry, I have a boyfriend.” He gets all mad and rushes away to find someone else.

I woke up.

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I am just me. :)
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