Blast from the Past

Last night’s dreams all had one thing in common..They took place in my past.


I was back in middle school with my friends. I even saw several people from middle school, that weren’t my friends. It was weird. We were standing in gym class, doing jumping jacks..I think.


I was back at my grandma’s oldddd house. Back where she lived from 1988-1995. My grandma and all of us were there. She said, “I haven’t lived here in ten yrs.” So, I guess the dream took place present day? But I remember the rooms looking just how they did when my grandma lived there. We went to the back of the house and we found everything was still there, just how my grandma, grandpa, uncle, and aunt had left it when they moved from there in 1996. There were pictures all over the walls. There were washing powders and bleach by the washer. There was an old KFC box in the trash and my mom said, “Remember when I used to bring KFC over here for the whole family to eat? Those were fun times.” It was really weird. Because…we really DID eat KFC at my grandma’s…back when life was soo simple.

**My dreams have been rather odd lately. I swear, there was another “past related” one there..but I forgot..**


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1 Response to Blast from the Past

  1. TheOneiros says:

    Weird. But nice to reminisce. My goodness, I remmeber a dream about middle school gym. Just when I thought I’d repressed it all…
    Anyway, nice site.


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