Just plain…weird.

Last night’s dream was weird, most likely one of the weirdest I’ve had in awhile..

I’m at my great aunt’s house. (I haven’t seen her in years, btw.) And my parents are watching tv in the living room. I’m in the kitchen helping her. My sister is in there, as well. She opens her refrigerator and pulls out whipped cream and sprays it all over us! And she purposely sprays it down my shirt and it gets on my breasts! I went into the living room and sat down and said “This is just a dream..I will wake up anyway.” I was lucid dreaming. This was the first time I’ve done it in awhile!!!

<<dream went fuzzy>>

Then, we are in the kitchen again and she puts her hand on my breast! I run and tell my mom that my great aunt is sexually touching me. Then, we all leave her house. My parents go to talk to my grandma about my crazy great aunt. I go to the movies with Cory (my ex boyfriend)…just as friends. And he wants to go back out with me, but I keep saying “no”. And we finally decide that friendship is best for us. Then…my mom calls right after our movie and says “I told your grandmother about what her sister did to you…and she’s fuckin pissed off.”


[[If anyone knows what the hell any of this means…lemme know. lol]]


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I am just me. :)
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