Two Odd Dreams

I had two really odd dreams last night..

First one. This one involved my friend and I having a fight over who was going to marry Clark Gable (from Gone with the Wind). It was weird..we were present day, but Clark Gable was young. He looked just like from the movie. I vaguely remember this dream anymore than it being about Clark Gable and us dating him..

Second one. This dream was creepy. I dreamt that I had a new boyfriend. I went to his house to meet his parents. Everything seemed fine. His mom and sister and brothers seemed nice. I went upstairs to pee, then I came back downstairs and sat on the couch to watch tv. His sister was sitting on the couch and she starting gently carressing my I think she was lesbian!! But then, I heard my b/f and his mother talking about how the bathroom has no privacy. I went back to the bathroom and’s this large-ass room and all of the bedrooms and stuff connect into the bathroom..anybody can come in. It was weirddd. Then, I went into my boyfriend’s room. There was soom kind of room..with a glass wall. We were watching his family members do weird things. And they were all naked..

After all of this, we went outside and one of my b/f’s brothers were tied to a tree! There were three trees, each wrapped in barbed wire. Whenever a brother would win some sort of competition, he would get tied to a barbed wire tree! It was weird..There were two other for the little brother and one for my boyfriend.


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