Employees Only

The dream from last night was really creepy.

[I will first explain that at my job we have this room, which is always locked. This room is where they sometimes have conferences/meetings/etc. It’s downstairs by AV. This room has a small bathroom inside.]]

I, for some reason, took my bra off at work. [Odd, I know.] I went into the employee bathroom [from above] to put it back on. The bathroom had glass walls. I didn’t do anything in the bathroom, for fear of being watched. Then, I went back out of the bathroom and into the meeting room and there were all these library patrons standing in a line for the bathroom. One guy, a really creepy guy, kept saying “that bathroom is for everyone”, even though the sign clearly said Employees Only. It was really weird. I went to tell everyone and then I went back into the meeting room. There were fires, homeless people keeping warm by them, waiting on the bathroom. The people looked e.v.i.l. Their faces were distorted.

It wasn’t a nightmare. It just creeped me out…big time…


[[I love going to bed early and getting a full night’s sleep. It always makes for interesting dreams.]]

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