Bloody, Scary Guy

I am in some house, in the living room. I am talking to various people. I notice there is some opening right above the fireplace. It’s like someone’s bedroom wall is missing! I go upstairs and find that the little opening is somehow a shower. Odd, right? I see water and trickles of blood coming from the “opening”. It’s like a shower in someone’s bedroom, but it doesn’t have the other wall or a door. I am really freaked out. I go downstairs and don’t tell anybody.

The next day, I come back and go into that same room to change clothes. [I know that’s dumb.] I am standing on top of the bed trying to get something off a shelf when I see a really scary sight…a guy laying on the top shelf over by the shower! He is on the phone and I hear him saying stuff like, “The experiments will go well…I have to test each person…etc.” He is covered in blood and dirt.

I try telling everyone, but when I get back to the room, the guy is gone.



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I am just me. :)
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2 Responses to Bloody, Scary Guy

  1. King_Kuranes says:

    Holy hell. That is scary.


  2. lol wow u sound like me …. we almost have the same layout and name!!


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