Cap and Gown?

I had another predictive dream. I haven’t had one in awhile. Here goes:

*I’m going to this school, one I didn’t even attend. I go up and get ready to buy a cap and gown. [No idea why.] I’m in the line to buy one when all of a sudden..I realize I never attended this school. The realization didn’t hit me until after I was in line. So, I left the line.*

Today, while I was cleaning my room..I came across my cap and gown from high school..

Pretty weird, huh?


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1 Response to Cap and Gown?

  1. onsce says:

    interesting. When i ahve predicative dreams or visions, they are exact… although I think I might have had a few here and there that have that more ‘possibly just coincidental’ feel.


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