I’m walking down these weird steps. It’s really odd because the steps are going down my street, well a side street hooked onto my street. I become friends with this lady. She needs help with her college homework. I agree and tell her to come to my house. I come home to find my parents have temporarily moved next door to the deceased neighbor’s huge mansion to throw a massive party. The lady shows up, and she joins the party. Then, everyone in the neighborhood comes to the party, as well. Pretty soon, the place is packed. And there are people downstairs in the basement getting high and drunk. The party eventually ends.

*I woke up.*

This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamt of going downstairs/upstairs in my dreams. It occurs a few times a year and I cannot understand why.

To dream that you are walking down a flight of stairs, signifies that you will face many setbacks in your endeavors.

I think this is true because, lately, I have had many setbacks with my goals..*sigh*

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