I’m in this store. [It’s almost exactly like Big Lots.] I am told that I have won a small shopping spree. I grab a shopping cart and begin putting items into it. After awhile, I have trouble trying to figure out what else to get. My mom says,”Why don’t you get that shirt?” I look at where she is pointing and see she is pointing to a wiccan t-shirt. [Nobody in my family is wiccan, so it’s weird.] Then, my mom begins telling me how she’s been studying and practicing wiccan.

-I woke up.-

**Now, I was thinking a lot about Jesus Christ/God/the bible before bed. Brian’s granny has all kinds of Christian stuff. So, I think maybe my dreams are telling me something..no clue, though.**


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1 Response to Wiccan?!

  1. Maybe because you were thinking about one of the common religions (christianity), your subconsious chose a religion that wasn’t that common (wicca) maybe? It’s interesting trying to interpret dreams.
    Nice page.


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