My first dream-within-a-dream!! It’s exciting. Here goes:

I dreamt that my husband and I were going to the local video arcade, not a fancy one. It was one of those old kind, in a shopping center near a laundromat. I was riding this extremely large bicycle..The wheels were very tall. They reached over the store!! I kept riding around. Then, in my dream–I woke up. I saw my brother enter my room as if I’d really woke up and he was riding a tricycle. So, I turn to my husband and say,”I just dreamt about a Steven is riding one!!” And my brother is licking a lollipop, he honks the trike horn and looks purely evil. He rides out of the room laughing really hard.

I woke up..for real.


What does a dream-within-a-dream usually signify?!

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1 Response to Bicycles-DreamWithinADream!

  1. this happened to me the other day… i woke up from a lucid dream in my dream and thought i was really awake. .. I’m not sure what it means.


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