Haunted Schools

This is actually from last month. I’ve just been super busy.

I’m walking through the Walker School, which is a school near me over on highway 41. And we’re in the bathroom. My grandma says she sees a ghost outside the ladies’ room. We all go outside and there are two ghosts, a younger girl and a younger boy.

Then my dream transformed.

I’m now in Southern Polytechnic, a college a few blocks from here. I walk up the stairs and hear a dog crying..like a baby. It’s freaky! So, I ask the dog where he came from and he uses his paw to point down..towards the basement. So, I go down the stairs of the college..level by level. When I finally reach the final level..I hear baby crying from the basement and the music from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I woke up.

[But I intend to find out whether either or both of these schools are haunted!]

About midnightdreamer2007

I am just me. :)
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