Main Theme?!–Rooms!

Last night’s dream was absolutely horrific. I dreamt that I was living at someone’s house. (Might’ve been an apartment, dunno.) Anyway, there were no exits/entrances in the bathroom except a door. No window, no vent, nothing. For some odd reason, the man was a pervert and could enter the room, though..I think he walked through the walls. It’s really blurry, but I know he came in through unseen ways.

It was quite possibly the eeriest dream I’ve had in a longggg while. -sigh-


I had another dream sequence when that one ended. It was basically a group of people who went to a party. Well, it was very similar to my dream wayyy back from April 9th about the mazes and tasks. We’d go from room to room in the party house and complete weird tasks/games. It was so much like a carnival or something.


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1 Response to Main Theme?!–Rooms!

  1. For me, dreaming about school just tells me how much I miss it. I particularly miss my osteology classes; I have several dreams about my forensics professor. I’m out of school for a year working, and I miss being in class. Recently my high incidence of dreaming about school is because I’ll be starting graduate coursework in June/July, but I’m absolutely not looking forward to what I’ll be studying :(I don’t look too deep into dream interpretation. I don’t like dream interpretation books telling me what my dream is about. If I dream about a train, it’s certainly not a phallic symbol, more likely it’s because I’ll be taking a train the next day and I’m anxious about it.


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