Foreshadowing Dream!!??

Finally. At long last, a detailed, yet eery dream.

I’m with my high school friend, Mary. We are walking in the woods. I keep hearing something moving in the bushes. It gets increasingly scarier. (another portion: Someone familiar, someone I personally know, yet couldn’t quite distinguish..comes up to me and gets very close to my face, in an uncomfortable sense.) I’m unsure if the man who came up to me and the man which Mary and I fear in the woods are the same person. I just feel a cold, distant feeling. I know something is wrong and that someone is there..waiting for me…

Now the completely eery part is I haven’t officially talked to Mary in months. Then, last night I had that dream. Today….she randomly calls me..needing help, sort of like in the dream! And she wanted money to go meet some man in Florida. I’ve been wondering if my dream is telling me that the man she wishes to meet is trouble. Also, I’ve had scary thoughts about other people in my life..well, not exactly in my life. But people who my mother associates with.

I’m frightened.

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1 Response to Foreshadowing Dream!!??

  1. Zelenia says:

    I would say, definitely check in with your friend and tell her to be cautious. I do believe that it’s possible to see visions through dreams. My boyfriend does it extremely often and he’s nearly always right. I won’t go into too much detail, but he’s seen past, present, and future in dreams, usually concerning people he doesn’t know all that well, and when he asks the subject about it, they’re always startled that he’s entirely correct.Your dream reminds me of what happens to him, too, with the phone call. Whenever he dreams of a particular person…unfortunately, an ex of his that I don’t particularly care for…it’s always a 99.9% guarantee that she’s going to text or call him within the next two or three days.But, getting back to the point, caution your friend and if you feel comfortable with it, tell her about the dream. I’ve seen dreams come true…and not necessarily good dreams. The worst that could happen is that the dream will be wrong and you guys can have a good laugh about it later. But, better to be safe than sorry.


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