One, Two..

From Friday night, I believe.


I am in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. It’s so terrifying. I am trying to get rid of Freddy. I’m in Part 3, yet it’s a different part 3 (not Dream Warriors). And Freddy is driving a car around. I’m in the house and he’s driving it right at my house! I slam the window closed. His attempts don’t end. Then, randomly..I am in Part 4. It shows people who died in Part 3 getting rolled into coroner’s vans. (I think Part 3 had cliffhangers.) This time, Freddy drives the car towards the window of my house and I lift up the window and holy water comes pouring out and kills him. I was up to my neck in holy water, basically about to drown in it. Weird.


Sometime last year I had a dream about watching these movies, but I became best friends with Freddy…

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