The Angry Three

(Last week)

I’m running the cash register at work. It’s a normal workday. Three people (two men and one lady) checkout in my line. Their total is about $10,000. The woman writes a check and I’m getting ready to type the information into the cash register. Suddenly, the cash register is too high and I am struggling to reach it. It’s taking forever to reach it and enter the numbers. The woman grows impatient and gets frantic. She says, “I’ll get even with you.”

There’s a scene after that. I’m at a party and I see the group of three people transform into a different person! They enter the party looking for me and I thankfully don’t run into them.

Next scene. A few weeks later a woman comes into my job about an interview. She starts talking about Clint (my manager) and I say,”If you’ve never been here before, how do you know Clint?” And she starts panicking and sweating. (It’s the woman from above all dressed up.)


Lesson: Customers are evil.

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