His Ghost

(The 3rd dream in my late-uncle-arch..this is from Friday night.) I am sitting in someone’s house. We hear a knock. I open the door..jaw dropping..to find my uncles’s ghost-like figure standing there. I invite him in to sit down. I pull out my cell phone and start filming him to show my grandma later. Few hazy scenes later..I see him talking to my brother. My brother asks him how he died because it’s documented a heart attack killed him. He says it wasn’t. We ask him to show us how it happened. He begins reenacting a scene like someone is chasing him with a long weapon such as a hammer or bat. Few scenes later..I pull out my phone again to find the videos of him deleted. (I woke up. I think he’s trying to tell me something. I’m unsure of what. But the dreams are getting increasingly more chilling feeling…)

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I am just me. :)
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