Purchasing Textbooks

Once again, I am in school. I see familiar faces (most from work). They are my classmates. We all have the task today of purchasing textbooks. We take turns going up to the front of the room to select them. I choose a rather thick Science book. Then one of my friends lets out an air mattress for additional seating in class. I am very confused. We lay down on this air mattress and I watch my friend tinkering around with a laptop. 

//woke up//
This dream was kind of blurry but it had the recurring school theme so I wanted to record it here. 
To dream that you are in school signifies feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. It may relate to anxieties about your performance and abilities.

To see textbooks in your dream indicate that you still have a lot of learning to do and knowledge to gain. Consider the subject of the textbook for additional clues.

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