No Escape

We are living in this apartment’s me, my husband, my brother, my son, and my mom. My mom’s boyfriend moves into the apartment right across the hallway from us. At first, everything is nice and calm. Then he gets REALLY aggressive and annoying. He comes over to our apartment unannounced and eats all the food in the house and is very loud and obnoxious. He starts to get more and more controlling over my mother.

He gets kicked out of the apartment across the hall so he moves in with a friend down the hall! He continues coming over to our apartment and I start getting creeped out really bad. One day we are all in the apartment and he comes bursting in with a ton of boxes and things; he says he is moving in with us. I am absolutely horrified. I run down the hall to a different apartment and am really upset. Upon finally calming down, I walk back to the apartment. Days pass and finally I cannot take it anymore. I run down to a different apartment and hide in the bathroom. I call the police twice and they laugh at me. I even tell them he is trying to KILL me and they still won’t come. I walk out of the bathroom and there he is…I start crying and make up an excuse to leave the house so I can find hellp.



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