From Sunday night.

I am in a large house seeking a private bathroom. Every bathroom I go into has zero privacy, and others are waiting to use it. There are no walls/stalls.

[intermission/woke up]

More bathrooms! I see various bathrooms in various buildings and settings. The theme remains the same as all of my past dreams…no privacy & people waiting to get in. I cannot find a bathroom stall and even when I do, there are no walls. So, there I am sitting on the toilet & others are staring, awaiting their turn.

Bathroom themes are extremely common for me. I had more last month that I forgot to blog about as well!


  • If you find the restroom, you may discover there are others waiting and there no doors on the stalls or no stalls at all. Having no privacy, you are forced to do your business in font of others. In this case you may be feeling you don’t have enough time to yourself or you have no personal space in waking life. If you are reluctant to take care of business in front of others you may be afraid to tell others how you really feel or to let others see you as you really are. If you can relieve yourself in front of others, you are unconcerned about what others may think of you.

Info on recurring dreams:

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