Sex crimes…creepy

I go visit some friends at a huge university. I am not sure of the name. We are approached by two weird men. We brush them off and keep walking. We have a pretty good day. Then we go to an outoor college event under a huge canopy. It seats thousands of people. I look around to see everyone, and scan the crowd. Suddenly I notice the two guys from before talking to a female who seems to be sitting alone. I hope that she quits talking to them. They seemed creepy before. 

Later that week, I learn there is a rumor those two guys are involved in heavy sex crimes. One being pre-teen/child porn. The other being sex trafficking. I am shocked. 

Sunday, we go to church to discover the doorknobs have been removed and we have to pry the doors open. We go in and the preacher is missing. Everyone says he is outside grilling for the annual church barbecue. I go to find him, and he is talking to the two creepy guys from college! I leave before he can see me.

After all of this, I still see the men everytime I go visit my friends. Now they have a good looking younger guy with them, maybe 18 or 19. I guess he is the one who is trying to talk up girls and appear more friendly for the dirt bags’ motives.

I revisit the outdoor college venue many times and see them there every single time talking to a new girl. I am always careful to have a large group surrounding me when I am there. 

Another scene flashes to the church bulletin board. It costs 25.00 to put up an ad. All have to be approved by the preacher. I see one that says “Make fast, easy money”. 

I wake up.


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