I am in an apartment building. I just moved in with my husband, mom, dad, brother and sister. (My son is not in the dream) The place looks amazing at first. Then, it flashes to nasty rooms and trash everywhere. 

I cannot drive my car into my little driveway because someone has their truck and trailer stretched across it. I find the landlord and demand it be moved or I am moving. 

Flashes to nightmarish, truly horrific, things. Not necessarily blood, guts and gore. But downright eery things. 

I go into someone else’s apartment to compare it to ours. They have bars on the windows. I go to use the bathroom (recurring dream theme). We don’t have a private bathroom. It’s a communal one with stalls. I am using the bathroom when I look down and see black boots and look up to see eyes watching me. I start screaming and banging on the door. The person runs. 

Flash to the driveway. The truck is gone, but I can’t bring my car. Unsure why. 

/wake up/

Eeriest dream I’ve experienced in a long time. I was trapped in that place. 

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