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Dirty bathroom

The bathroom in last night’s dream was absolutely disgusting. So dirty. It was like something out of a horror movie. Not a lot of things I remember. But I do remember no privacy. #recurring

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I am climbing stairs to go to a bathroom in a public building, but I have zero privacy. I go to other stores and still, no privacy. I am to the point of being in tears because I cannot use … Continue reading

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Planned kidnapping.

This is a weirdddddd one. My mother (not real mother but a woman as my dream mother) is tired of supporting me. She hatches a plan to have me kidnapped so she can live her life. We are in a … Continue reading

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I'm with my family. We are staying in a hotel, kind of like a bed and breakfast feel. The owner says he will be showing the room to potential customers later. My family and myself check out the room, including … Continue reading

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Evil Dreams..

Very honestly scary dream. (From a few nights ago.)Another dream-within-a-dream. I’m in the real world. Then, every night when I go to sleep..I see my mother in my dreams. She is telling me very bad things to do. She tells … Continue reading

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