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Dirty bathroom

The bathroom in last night’s dream was absolutely disgusting. So dirty. It was like something out of a horror movie. Not a lot of things I remember. But I do remember no privacy. #recurring

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Planned kidnapping.

This is a weirdddddd one. My mother (not real mother but a woman as my dream mother) is tired of supporting me. She hatches a plan to have me kidnapped so she can live her life. We are in a … Continue reading

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Twisted Games

I had one of the most horrific nightmares I’ve had in awhile. This is from 11/06/2017. *** I am with a group of people. We are all awaiting some sort of break, like a spring break from school or work. … Continue reading

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I am in an apartment building. I just moved in with my husband, mom, dad, brother and sister. (My son is not in the dream) The place looks amazing at first. Then, it flashes to nasty rooms and trash everywhere.  … Continue reading

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No Escape

We are living in this apartment building..it’s me, my husband, my brother, my son, and my mom. My mom’s boyfriend moves into the apartment right across the hallway from us. At first, everything is nice and calm. Then he gets … Continue reading

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One, Two..

From Friday night, I believe.~I am in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. It’s so terrifying. I am trying to get rid of Freddy. I’m in Part 3, yet it’s a different part 3 (not Dream Warriors). And Freddy is … Continue reading

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